In a Nutshell: Grab Bag Edition

So this is an experiment - let’s see if it works. In this first ever Grab Bad Edition, I will be giving quick reviews of a few of the movies I’ve seen recently and found myself having nothing profound enough to say to warrant writing a full review. Hopefully this will help keep the content coming a little more regularly. And a-wayyyy we go!

Tag (2018) 2/5 Peanuts - In a Nutshell: While at times fun, this “men will be boys” romp wastes a fun premise and awesome cast on a poorly executed plot.

Game Night (2018) 3/5 Peanuts - In a Nutshell: Strong performances from McAdams and Bateman elevate a by the numbers fun summer throw away movie into an enjoyable, if forgettable, excuse to eat popcorn.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) 4/5 Peanuts - In a Nutshell: While the music is phenomenal, this glimpse into the inner life of Freddy Mercury feels a little too muted for a man who lived such a loud life.

Outlaw King (2018) 4/5 Peanuts - In a Nutshell: With fantastic action and meticulous attention to detail, this film blurs the line even further between Premium TV (like Game of Thrones) and mid-budget film making.

The Incredibles 2 (2018) 5/5 Peanuts - In a Nutshell: Picking up exactly where its predecessor left off, Pixar continues to deliver with a family friendly, whip-sharp-witty, action packed, beautifully rendered masterclass on the superhero genre that is chock full of highly poignant social commentary.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018) 3/5 Peanuts - In a Nutshell: While there were some stand out performances, this film fell flat on delivering its core premise. The Great Gatsby this is not.